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Nova Sector policies

Nova Sector Main should be treated as a roleplay server. For roleplaying enforcement purposes, please play on the main server with the aim to be High Roleplay or HRP, even if our minimum requirement is MRP. This is to ensure people consistently stay above the roleplaying standards, even at their lowest points. Essentially, we want you to be MRP at your very worst, so that LRP is no longer an issue on the station.

Below here is an extensive list of all active policies and rules can be found. Links for easy navigation between all of our rule pages are provided on each and if you do have any questions feel free to head on over to the #policy-talk channel on the discord!

Nova Sector policies

Misc Roleplaying Policy (ERP Policy and Public Nudity Policy)

General Player Policy and Standards (Character Creation, Roleplay Standards, General Crew)