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Nova Sector lore

Nova Sector is a roleplay server and we feature our own lore to help players get their footing on the server. Our (in-progress) lore can be found below!

Important: When reading the lore, please remember that it is a living document written by volunteers. The lore will never be comprehensive, as the goal is to provide a sturdy backdrop for characters to be fleshed out from, and as a backdrop for in-game affairs in Nova Sector.

Additionally, the lore is being released in sizeable chunks and updates, in an attempt to balance "providing something to the players they can use immediately" and "taking the time to write a comprehensive, internally-consistent setting." On the Discord, the #lore-update channel has a roadmap with approximate dates for predicted updates. Even once the roadmap is completed, the lore is likely to continue to change in smaller ways for years to come.

We put great care into making a lore environment where people can come to us and ask questions, as well. All sorts of feedback including, 'I don't like this,' 'Can I discuss something I want to add to the lore?' and 'I have an alternate suggestion for this piece of lore' are all more than valid. We care about making a setting that's fun for us and fun for the players, and our efforts thrive off collaboration. If there's something in the lore that would negatively impact your character and you're interested in discussing it, please hit us up!

Lore Primer

Nova Station 13 takes place in 2564 on one of several Space Stations orbiting the volcanic planet Indecipheres ("Lavaland") and her ice moon, Freyja, both in the Nova Sector. The larger setting takes place in The Orion Spur, a sizeable subset of the Milky Way galaxy. The stations are owned by Nanotrasen, a large corporation. The Nova Sector exists in the outer reaches of the Sol Federation's grasp, leaving the station subject both to SolFed's laws and to other nearby cultures' whims. SolFed is a representative government stemming from the Sol system (where Earth is) representing numerous smaller cultures' interests in a large area around the Local Sol region. The Nova Stations answer directly to Central Command, a generic term for higher-ups from numerous factions, mostly but not exclusively Nanotrasen itself.

The stations serve several purposes, including:

  • Plasma Research. Plasma is a volatile, exotic matter, coexisting as a solid, liquid, and gas at room temperatures, and highly flammable.
  • Bluespace Research. Bluespace is a higher dimension with varying affects on reality, concentrated around the physical mineral Bluespace Crystals. Often associated with teleportation, or more scientifically, compression, these crystals match their incredible powers with diabolical rarity.
  • Anomaly Research. The Nova Sector has a higher rate of anomalous events, such as literal anomalies, immovable rods, Bluespace events. The planet Indecipheres itself is considered anomalous, with a shifting surface continually bringing new minerals to the surface, perhaps at the whim of the planet-spanning Tendril, whose form is unknown but vast.
  • Resonance Research. Souls, essentially. Specific higher-ups in Nanotrasen speculate that due to the increased Anomalous activity in the region, the connection between a physical body and the Resonance that drives it is looser, and thus is personally funding research into exploring life-saving and life-altering practices. And no, to quell the persistent rumor: the Nanotrasen Employee Contract does not sign over control of your soul or soul-analogue to the Company.
  • Political reasons. While not formally a tax haven, the Nova Stations remain as a populated, high-visibility point of commerce and conflict. This serves the interest of numerous political and economic groups.
  • Mining. The surface instability of Indecipheres, and to a lesser extent her moon, rends deeply-buried minerals to the surface, making it an attractive spot for mining teams.
  • Tourism. While not near any specific grand landmark or tourist attraction, the Nova Stations remain adjacent to common trade routes and thus attract transients of all forms, for both short and long-term relaxation.

Nanotrasen contracts out several departments to external companies; policy-wise the individuals are employees of the station; Security is handled by numerous contracting companies, and Cargo is handled by an intragalactic Union of traders.

The station, and Nanotrasen itself, are opposed by various cultures and civilizations, none as focused or as sinister as the Syndicate. Composed of a number of smaller corporations, groups, and entities, the Syndicate's goals are vast and often self-contradictory, but generally oppose Nanotrasen and the Nova Station itself. There are a number of various sapient species in Nova Station 13, each seen below in the footer to this page.

Work in Progress: Footer subject to change at a moment's notice. Do not take a red link's presence, struck-through or otherwise, as confirmation (or denial) of their canonicity.

Nova Sector Lore

Common Species Humans, Tiziran, Unathi, Moths, Ethereals, Azulae, Slime Hybrids, Teshari, Synthetic Humanoids (and assorted robots), Pod Persons
Other Species Genemodders (Felinids, Ice Walkers, Dwarf), Ashwalkers, Hemophages, Snailpersons, Ordoht (Formerly Skrell), Plasmamen, Flypeople, Vox (Primalis et al), Tajaran, Vulpkanin, Xenomorphic Hybrid, Miscellaneous Species
Nanotrasen Nanotrasen, Central Command, Emergency Response Corps
External Companies The Syndicate, Interdyne Pharmaceutics, DS-2
Nova The Nova Sector, Indecipheres, Freyja
SolFed SolFed, Earth in 2564, The SolFed Armed Forces, The SolFed International Capital District

Other sources of Lore

We have a Discord channel for player lore on the discord, #lore-discussion, a discord Forum for discussing more specific topics, #oc-share for sharing your character and their backstory, and you are welcome to apply for the Lore Team using #staff-application.

Read The Character Creation Guidelines Here: General Player Policy and Standards