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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: This page, Guide to medicine
Access: Medical, Morgue, Treatment Center
Duties: Do dissections, forget to do them and get yelled at by Science. Do autopsies when people remember that you can do them.
Minimum requirements: Be able to use a scalpel.

You are the Coroner. The main difference between your job and any other doctor is that you work with dead people, not those who are about to die.

Bare minimum requirements: Perform autopsies on deceased people and report their reason for death to Medical and Security. Perform the Dissections listed in your Operating Computer.

The Grim Reaper

Like Medical Doctors you appear when people die, but it’s not your job to make them walk again. In general you’ll only be able to get your hands on those who, for whatever reason, are no longer revivable.

Your job consists of performing autopsies on deceased people to determine their reason for death and using the Medical Records console to write down the reasons for every dead person.


  • A Coroner Medkit
  • A box full of bodybags, to manage your morgue.
  • Your Autopsy Scanner, which is your main tool.
  • A Service and Medical radio headset.
  • A dropper, to efficiently apply Formaldehyde.

Coroner Medkit

The Coroner Medkit is a type of medkit that comes with some additional Coroner gear, instead of the usual sutures and surgery tools:

  • A bottle of Formaldehyde, to prevent organ decay.
  • A gel applier of Sterilizine, to make surgery faster.
  • A white crayon, for crime scenes of corpses.
  • An empty Blood bag, for draining blood from corpses.
  • 2 body bags, to store dead people.
  • A syringe, to apply all sorts of Chemicals.
  • A folder, to store your autopsy reports.

In my professional opinion... the Heavy was KILLED!

Using your Autopsy Scanner, you can perform the Autopsy Surgery to attempt to figure out the circumstances around their death. This is especially beneficial to bodies who have no soul, or those that Medical does not want to revive. However, doing this surgery will also be helpful if they are later revived, as it will give the body a 20% surgery speed bonus.

Alternatively, you can do the Dissection Experiments to help Medical get their tech to print Health Analyzers, Advanced Surgery tools, and much more.

Morgue Trays and stuffing bodies into them.

Morgue Trays are found everywhere in the Morgue. If you put a body in a Morgue Tray, its organs will stop decomposing, as long as the room is powered.

These trays also have a color to indicate the status of what's in the tray

  • Green: There is a body inside, and has a player who is waiting for a revival
  • Yellow: There are no bodies inside, but there are items.
  • Red: There is a body inside, but there is no player in it.
  • Off: There is nothing inside.

There is also a Beeper attached to Morgue Trays, which will make an alert sound when a player enters their body as they are inside of one, letting you know they wish to re-enter the round. You can toggle this with Alt+Left Click.

You can fit up to 2 bodies inside of a bodybag, to save on space, however, if you wish to focus on organization, you can use a pen on a bodybag to label it. Putting a labelled bodybag inside of a morgue tray, will tag the morgue tray and name it after the body bag.

Secure Morgue Trays

In the Coroner's Office are 2-4 Secure Morgue Trays. These are the same as regular Morgue Trays, but their Beepers are off by default and are behind Coroner Office access, rather than just the Morgue. Security may want to morgue some people inside of it, so it's your job to maintain it and ensure these bodies don't get revived by those pesky do-gooders.

Forensics Work

As a person who can determine the reasons for almost any death, you are very valuable to the Detective. Keep in contact with them, either through PDA or radio.

Medical Records

By updating Medical Records you're giving constant intel to the Detective (and maybe the Psychologist). It is your job to keep these accurate and up to date (and chances are that nobody else in medbay is going to do it!)


  • The coroner gets the Morbid trait by default, making them like creepy things and hate healing people. The Morbid trait allows you to get a 30% speed boost when doing morbid surgeries such as dissection using morbid tools. Morbid tools have a special line in their description mentioning that they are better for morbid surgeries, but worse for other surgeries.
  • Coroners can slowly heal toxin damage by eating pickles or drinking pickle juice. The coroner item vendor has a jar of pickles in the premium section.
  • As a coroner, you can drink formaldehyde without any negative effects.
  • The contraband section of your vending machine contains a ritual knife and a scythe, both are good melee weapons and give speed bonus in morbid surgeries.
  • If you have the Morbid trait, you don't get cursed for graverobbing on Lavaland.

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