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OOC ERP Courtesy Policy

Nova Sector is a sex positive server, and while erotic roleplay (ERP) is not the main focus of the server, sexual content is present and should be expected to be seen at some point. That being said, roleplay is the focus of our server, that does encompass interactions that are erotic in nature. ERP will happen, and these rules are in place to protect you, and other players who may participate. Even if you do not ERP, it is important to know these rules as they will protect you from punishment if you follow them. A golden rule when coming across ERP is to ahelp if you're not sure what to do with them, as staff are more than willing to assist in situations to make sure that you or other's privacy is maintained and respected.

If a situation involving sexual matters with another party is making you uncomfortable. LOOC with the other party and request the situation to stop. If they refuse, or otherwise continue going despite drawing the line, ahelp for staff to intervene.

Even if you are not interested in ERP, there are protections in here that you must follow in regards to other player's as well as your privacy and comfort. Not knowing these rules is not a defense from them and violations will be dealt with harshly.

Public and Private Definitions

Private Area

  • Any area that is not trafficked by the public for use and is out of the way. This can be a maintenance room, dorms, or a private office.

Public Area

  • Any area that is high traffic and frequented by the crew for nominal operations. This includes halls, department lobbies and most rooms in the department. There are some exceptions to this, such as a room made into a semi-private area, e.g. the bar using curtains or other methods to block direct vision.

Semi-Private Area

  • Any area that is not high traffic, but there is no guarantee of privacy. This can be the aforementioned bar area, or areas of a department that are not typically used.

Basic ERP Courtesy Guidelines

Anti-Grief Protection Rules

0. Respect people's prefs.

  • OOC prefs are absolutes, if it says ask, you should ask, if it says no, it means No.
  • This expands to include people you expose by second hand, that means in no uncertain terms, you shouldn't be proudly talking about how bad you want to dick someone down over the radio, unless you know everyone on that channel has consented.

1. Don’t be a dick

  • Do not be toxic to others. Be respectful.
  • Do not grief players who are ERPing. Do not grief players about their ERP in IC or OOC channels.
  • Repeat violations of this policy will be categorized as bad faith actions, and bans taken against this can result in no appeal permabans.

2. Don’t make drama out of ERP

  • Do not ERP Bait, or use ERP to bait a player into a situation with the intention to trick them.
  • Do not ERP as someone else’s character without their consent. This includes any intimate interactions such as kissing/groping.
  • Calling security on players who are ERPing will be considered making drama. Ahelp instead if they are being disruptive and refuse to cooperate.
  • Keep extreme kink activities out of public view (Noncon, hyper, bloodplay, gore, etc.)
  • Do not levy accusations of sexual assault or non-consensual against other players over public channels of any kind (this includes PDA messages as they are viewable by all ghosts).

3. Do not call out ERP over any sort of IC or OOC channels.

  • Do not call security for players who are ERPing, this also goes for department radio channels and command channels.
  • If command staff is urgently needed, ask them to do their job. Do not do this in bad faith. Do not interrupt if they do not comply, instead make an admin-help.

4. You must have OOC consent from the erping parties to interrupt ERP in a private area.

  • If they are in a enclosed room, use LOOC Wallpierce.
  • If you absolutely need to go into that room for some reason and cannot get permission, ahelp first.
  • If people are publicly ERPing, you may ask them to stop or go somewhere else in LOOC, if they do not cooperate, ahelp.
  • If you are reading this and applying to the server, please type BANANA EGG, in the chat after you create your ticket to confirm you've read this document.

5. Non Consensual ERP Can only be with LOOC consenting parties.

  • Non Con must be kept to subtler.
  • Do not broadcast or draw attention to said actions.
  • Implications of non-consensual against parties without prior consent is not allowed.
  • Do not create a public scene out of it.
  • If the other player repeals their consent or says they would wish to discontinue the RP, disengage immediately.
  • Violations of this rule will be dealt with harshly.

Public Nudity Policy

Public nudity is allowed on this server. Public nudity is defined as when you are in public with genitalia (or otherwise would have genitalia exposed). Keep in mind the following rules. Note that using public nudity in a way to grief other players is not tolerated, however, the opposite is also enforced. Please do not grief any player who is engaging in public nudity, if they are being unreasonable, please ahelp and a staff will assist. When it comes to public nudity, please remember the following things.

  • Be considerate, don’t be sexual with it.
  • Unless done intentionally for drama, it is an IC issue.
  • Players who are ERPing, and players participating in public nudity, are not considered the same, or are to be equated as the same thing. Breaking up ERP is still subject to the listed rules, and is not valid to be broken up through calling for Security. Only public nudity is to be considered a Regulations issue; follow the rules for two players being intimate.

ERP Adjacent Things

On this server, you will come across a multitude of things that while not directly ERP themselves, can carry the insinuation of it. While you can be exposed to these items, the importance is on how they are used.Steps should be taken minimize non-consenting people's exposure to this. Even with these steps, you should accept that you will stumble upon things that are erotic in nature. The following should only be given to consenting parties;

Aphrodesiacs and Cum

ERP Related Chems

Lustwish Vendor Items

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